Bacon as a Food Group

So, I was surfing the blogosphere today (cause I have a lot of free time) and I came across this post about Bacon: Top 10 Foods Containing Bacon. Sometimes I forget that there are people who don’t live in a world where Bacon is its own food group. I mean, I was just in Germany where no discernible Bacon could be found (why is this, by the way, in a country whose main protein source is pig?), and somehow I had already fully recovered from that experience enough to be surprised that anyone would not feel the way I do about Bacon.

Here’s the thing about Bacon: It goes with everything. I mean, I was scrolling through the aforementioned blog post and I was like “yep, had that and that and, ooh – made that last week (without the toast) – that one looks delicious,  hmm, maybe I should try it!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Bacon is my favorite food. If I had to choose between Bacon, Chocolate or Wine and could never have the others again I would probably stuff my face full of Bacon and down the bottle of wine before running off to my chocolate island to live out my days of Baconless existence. What I am saying is that Bacon IS the best and only food that doubles as its own food group.  Anyone who disagrees with that premise should just admit to being a closeted Vegetarian now and I’ll understand.

Now, as much as I like bacon in and on anything I eat, I do have standards. I do not eat bacon that came from a factory (unless I have to, like, because I’m at a restaurant). My favorite bacon comes from a farm that raises their pigs without antibiotics and butchers them by hand to produce a delicious, uncured, strip of fat. I’ll also go for some minimally processed stuff like TJ’s Free-range, nitrate-free, antibiotic-free deliciousness. Just not that crap from Giant or Safeway. Ugh. Way to ruin Bacon!

Pure Bacon

Pure Bacon (Credit: Wikipedia)


What the Blog?!

As I wrap up my first week of blogging, there are several things I have noted along the way. For those of you thinking of blogging, or just curious about it, here is what you shoulmedium_341429556d know:

1. People you don’t know will somehow find their way to your fledgling blog within minutes of a post and like it or even follow you(!) before you even tell your spouse.

2. When you tell your close friends and family about your new endeavor, it’s possible they might never look at it.

3. It’s all about tagging. If you post something without the proper tags, no one will see it, and then you’re just talking to yourself.

4. When that person you don’t know likes your blog, chances are that theirs’ is much more interesting than yours’, so take a look.

5. Nothing you say is stupid. Someone else said something dumber or less coherent 10 seconds earlier.

6. Blogging is for you, don’t do it for anyone else or you will be disappointed.

Photo credit: andyp uk via photopin cc