Lifting barefoot: The comeback

Coming back to lifting after childbirth is no joke. I spent the last trimester of my pregnancy feeling antsy to get back to lifting and getting my body back. I thought for sure I would bounce back from this. I was so strong and healthy before – it was still there! Ha. That baby drained me. Sucked the strength and nutrients right out. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was happy to give it. And still am – because in return I got an incredibly healthy and happy baby girl who is thriving. But after 42 weeks of gestation, 38 hours of active labor, natural childbirth and a major postpartum hemorrhage, I am drained. Literally.

So, no, I didn’t “bounce back” after this pregnancy. But, I am still staging my comeback. Anemia or not, I want my beach body back. Enter: heavy lifting. Thanks to my amazing hubby, I have a personalized training plan. We are once again utilizing the Wendler 5:3:1 plan and incorporating CrossFit style metcons to increase strength, endurance and ego (all you CrossFiters know I’m right). I’m on week three of this program (week four of post baby workouts) and, though frustrating, it feels really damn good to be lifting again. I feel the strength and power slowly coming back. It’s much harder to find time and energy now, not to mention the constant distraction of having a squealing infant in the house always wanting to eat or be held. But I make it happen. Usually barefoot. In pajamas. With spit up on me. And then I feel strangely accomplished.


What are your thoughts?

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