A Princess’ Influence

A Princess' Influence

I hate to admit it – in fact, I have debated about telling anyone this – but the truth is that I took this picture of Kate to my hairstylist yesterday. That’s right, I walzed into the Aveda salon that I have gone to for years and asked for ‘The Dutchess’. For a moment, I flashed back to the 90’s and saw the ‘Princess Diana’ hair! That’s when I decided not to tell anyone what I’d done.

I don’t consider myself to be all that mainstream when it comes to hair and fashion. But the reality is, if I don’t know what to wear or how to do my hair, I turn to the celebrities. I comb through google images in search of the perfect look. Really, it’s ridiculous. I have great hair and it’s hard to make it look bad, but I always get nervous when it comes time for my twice annual visit to the salon. The one time I ever got a bad haircut has seemingly scarred me.

So, now I have beautiful layers in my hair, and I am happy. Even the hubby gave it the nod, ftw. Thanks, Kate!