Fat Tuesday Experiment: Primal Paczki

Today is Fat Tuesday (aka Mardi Gras). For many people, this is a much-anticipated day  because they get to eat whatever they want in preparation for the season of Lent. For people of Polish heritage, like my husband’s family, and anyone who has ever lived in or near a Polish community, the staple of Fat Tuesday is Paczkis!

Homemade paczki

These delicious fried doughnuts with a sugary filling are definitely not Primal/Paleo or what could be considered Real Food. So, out of sheer curiosity and for lack of a better project, I spent all last night and part of this morning creating a gluten-free, refined sugar-free, custard filled doughnut that I could offer to my hard-working husband on Fat Tuesday and then proudly blog about. Or something.

I started by researching all available gluten-free (GF) Paczki recipes on the interwebs. There aren’t many and they all use GF flour or some combination of rice/millet/sorghum flours which I don’t use. I chose this recipe to base my experiment on and then struggled for two hours to convert 2 cups of GF flour into some amount of almond flour, coconut flour and/or tapioca starch – ugh. Once I started mixing everything up, I got all excited thinking that it was working (thank goodness because it was already 11). The dough was a little too wet, but my hope was that if I let it continue to rise overnight, as was done in another recipe, it would be fine in the morning.

Morning. Wake up early to fry some dough in coconut oil. Take dough out and roll it carefully onto plastic wrap. Use fancy biscuit cutter to cut 10 pretty little discs. Look at the dough with adoration. Feel triumphant. Check temperature of the oil. Pick up handy utensil to transfer dough from plastic wrap to pan. Disaster.

My first Paczki attempt ended early this morning when I figured out that the dough I made was too flimsy to hold any shape at all. I attempted to salvage it in some way by patting little discs with my hands and then watched them fall apart in the hot oil. Of course, after declaring it a total failure and leaving a note to my husband to that effect before racing to work, he informs me that the fried doughnut crumbles were actually quite good and he ate them all – go figure!

Fried Something...

Fried Something…

I was hoping that I would have a shiny new recipe for you all to enjoy today, but I don’t think anyone will want this one! We’re just gonna have to file this in the ‘failed experiments’ category. I will go back to my chocolate and bacon.

Someone much more talented than I can create the first Primal Paczki – PLEASE?