New things around the web

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to have a bit of free time to sit and surf the interwebs (or just read good and not-so-good novels), so I’ve decided to blog my top finds with you regularly. I plan to only post the interesting and/or helpful things I read related to nutrition, lifting and life. So, grab a cup of coffee, have a seat and enjoy! Cat Reading

1. A fascinating ‘expose’ on artificial light and sleep disruption, including why it will probably kill you. Seriously.

2. If you haven’t read Time’s Bitter Pill yet, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock (or are from a country with a much better health system). Either way, check it out. This needs to stop.

3. This kick-ass article from veteran NFL player and CrossFit Football founder John Welbourn taught me that I’m only doing half the things I need to be doing everyday.

What other awesome articles have you found lately? Leave a comment below if you have thoughts on these topics.


What the Blog?!

As I wrap up my first week of blogging, there are several things I have noted along the way. For those of you thinking of blogging, or just curious about it, here is what you shoulmedium_341429556d know:

1. People you don’t know will somehow find their way to your fledgling blog within minutes of a post and like it or even follow you(!) before you even tell your spouse.

2. When you tell your close friends and family about your new endeavor, it’s possible they might never look at it.

3. It’s all about tagging. If you post something without the proper tags, no one will see it, and then you’re just talking to yourself.

4. When that person you don’t know likes your blog, chances are that theirs’ is much more interesting than yours’, so take a look.

5. Nothing you say is stupid. Someone else said something dumber or less coherent 10 seconds earlier.

6. Blogging is for you, don’t do it for anyone else or you will be disappointed.

Photo credit: andyp uk via photopin cc

Adventures in World Travel

I have three weeks of vacation per year. That can’t possibly be enough to travel the world, can it? We’ll see. Balinese Temple

Travel. After baking (and of course eating), travel is my favorite activity. I am always thinking about where to go next, trying to prioritize the different destinations on my list and then plan when and how to get there. I have been to many beautiful, amazing places in this world. And I know that what I have seen is just the beginning. There is so much more!

That brings me to my current pursuit. This year, 2012 – 2013 is what I will call my ‘see all the things‘ year. After a few years of barely any travel because of work and financial limitations, my husband and I are going everywhere we possibly can. First, to Asia (like, half of it), second, to Canada (because, well, I hadn’t been there yet) and then to Bavaria and the Alps, and finally, soon, to South Africa! In case you were wondering, that is 9 countries and 4 trips in 9 months. So, like I said, see all the things! Stay tuned for the highlights, people.

Thailand Alps Rothenburg