Give Your Sweetheart the Gift of Iron?

I did.
And so did he.
‘Cause that’s how we roll.

That’s right, my Sweetheart gifted me a shiny new Bella Bar! I’m so happy to have this female-friendly barbell to work with. It is much smaller in diameter (so my little hands can grip it) and it weighs just 15 Kg instead of 20 Kg like our other bar.

Separately, and without discussion or consultation, I gifted him a 2 Pood Kettlebell! That 1 Pood we have just didn’t cut it for a strong man like him to train with. Happy Valentine’s Day to us – and to Rogue Fitness, who probably love us now too♥

Interestingly, we currently have 7 out of the ’10 necessities for a Garage Gym’ according to this post: Top 10 CrossFit Equipment for a Garage Gym! Time to save up for that C2 Erg…


1 thought on “Give Your Sweetheart the Gift of Iron?

  1. Very cool!
    Thanks for following my blog by the way – otherwise how would I have know to come here?
    My boyfriend designed a really cool stand, which he got a steelworker to make, that is now screwed on to the side of our house. It’s a pull up bar, with a hook halfway down for the weights bar to rest. Then he built this beautiful wooden bench which slots beneath and can be removed when you just want to do pull ups. I love it!

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